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SF-SR Group
  • Structure: door leaf + door frame + accessories
  • Door leaf, frame, and reveals are wrapped into natural veneer
  • Door Leaf material structure: MDF on both surfaces (6mm thick)+ solid wood (31mm thick) + honeycomb
  • Door Leaf thickness: 43 mm
  • Door reveal dimensions: width - 8cm, thickness - 10 mm (adjustable)
  • Opening direction: inward/outward
  • Lock handle position: left/right (180 opening degree)
  • Infill: Honeycomb
  • Door leaves, frames and reveals are wrapped into natural veneer
  • Hinges: Three pcs of flexible hinges are fixed to door frame and leaf
  • SF-SR GROUP can create almost any style of door to suit your project
  • More than 10 thousand Artcam designs are available
  • Doors and accessories are produced according to ISO standards and have 10 years of warranty