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SF-SR Group
  • Adjustable single door size: width 100cm; height 220cm
  • Adjustable double door size: width 180cm; height 220cm
  • Door thickness 53/75mm (EI60/120) depends on fire resistance rating
  • Opening Direction: to direction of escape
  • Handle position: left/right
  • Fire resistance rates: EI30, EI45, EI60, EI90, EI120
  • Frame options: steel or timber
  • Door Leaf: mineral wool + plywood + wood veneer + fire resistant paint 70 mcr + fire resistant varnish
  • Finishing: fire rated paint or wood veneer + fire rated varnish
  • Certificates: Euroclass Broof(t1)/ UNE-EN-13501-1
  • Application area: Indoors and exteriors. For skirting boards, facings, decking, wood flooring which require some fire resistance
  • Infill: mineral wool
  • "INTOFIT" brand Intumescent heat and smokeproof wick with dimensions of 20x2mm and NITTO brand 20mm cold smoke wick are mounted inside door frame and around door leaf
  • Finishing: electrostatic powder coating (POLYESTER) to any RAL color(70 microns)
  • Hinges: 3 pcs weld-on hinges (paumelle) are mounted to the frame jamb and leaf edge
  • Door accessories: Panic bars, Keyless intervention arms, Hydraulic door closer, Magnetic door holders (OMNI or Dorma PHA 2500) produced according to ISO standards
  • Fire rated glasses (10mm thick) and fire louvers to specification
  • Our doors are warranted for a period of 10 years