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SF-SR Group
  • Structure: door leaf + door frame +accessories
  • Door dimensions: height-200cm, width-90cm (adjustable)
  • Door frame: 1,5mm CCR-6112 A-1 DKP steel sheet with or without threshold
  • Door leaf: 1,2 mm CCR-6112 A-1 DKP steel sheet, 75mm thick
  • Opening direction: Inward/Outward
  • Lock handle position: left/right (180 opening degree)
  • Infill: Mineral fibre
  • All frames and wings are electrostatic powder coated in 200-220 0C convery static paint plant with spraying and washing line. We prefer suitable color to wing color. 10 years of warranty against rust
  • Monoblock lock system is provided (wide range of choices is available)
  • Side panels are equipped with 6 anti-burglary rods (lock bolts)
  • Each doors has door viewer with 180 degree wide-angle lens and secret security manacle on both wings
  • 3 pcs weld on hinges (paumelle) are welded on frame jamb and leaf edge
  • Weather strip is fastened around perimeter of door wings
  • Accurate weight of packed metal doors is within 125-135 kg
  • Our doors and door accessories are produced according to ISO standards and have 10 years of warranty