Interior (timber) Doors

Door structure: door leaf + door frame + architraves + accessories.
Door leaf, frame, and architraves are made from wood, MDF and membrane.
Door leaf material structure: solid wood (31mm thick) + honeycomb or 110kg/m3 Rockwool + MDF on both surfaces (8mm thick)+ acrylic paint or natural membrane (1mm thick on both surfaces).
MDF surface is processed into pattern design chosen by Customer using CNC carving machine and coated with acrylic paint to any RAL color pressed with textured membrane.
Door Leaf thickness : 45mm – 65mm.
Door architrave dimensions: width – 80mm, thickness - 10 mm (adjustable) + acrylic paint or natural membrane (1mm on both surfaces).
Opening direction: Inward/Outward.
Infill: Honeycomb or 110kg/m3 Rockwool.
Lock system: handles on both sides + double cylinder deadbolts (keyed cylinders on both sides).
Hinges: Three pcs of butterfly hinges or concealed hinges fixed to door frame and leaf.
Seal strips: on doorcase.
SF-SR GROUP can create almost any style of door to suit your project, more than 10 thousand Artcam design models are available