Exterior Doors

1) Door Opening size: width- 100cm, height – 210cm.
2) Resistance Class: UNI ENV 1627/30-IV.
3) Opening direction: Inward/Outward.
4) Door leaf: 1,3mm DKP metal sheet.
5) Frame: 1,5mm DKP metal sheet with or without threshold.
6) Door leaf and frame paint: metal part– 70mcr powder coating + any RAL code + MDF part - acrylic paint.
7) Door leaf decorative finish: 10mm MDF board (both sides) + CNC décor+ 1mm veneer /1mm membrane.
8) Infill: 110kg/m3 Rockwool.
9) Open hinges: 3pcs cylindrical chrome (14cm).
10) Lock system 1: double cylinder deadbolts.
11) Lock system 2: thumbturn inside and key outside.
12) Lock system 3: night latch lock on inner surface.
13) Peephole: 180 degree viewport.
14) Knocker: tik-tak around peephole.
15) Pull handle outside: 40x400x20mm chrome (cylindrical/rectangular).
16) Seal strips : 20x20mm weather stripping in door case and 10x5mm weather stripping around door leaf.
17) Security pims: 6pcs metal and plastic pims in door leaf and case.
18) Door weight with frame: 90kg - 130kg.
19) Fire resistance: 30 mins.